Teaching Qualifications

BKO – University Teaching Qualification (2020 completed)

Teaching experience

TU Delft (2018 – present)

MSc thesis supervision for MoT programme (Master of Management of Technolgy )

Supervision for TB students (Technische Bestuurskunde) for the Bachelor’s end project (BEP)

Tutorials & essay supervision for:

  • Social and Scientific Values
  • Ethics of transportation
  • Ethics of technological risks
  • Ethics of aerospace
  • Ethics of Healthcare
  • Philosophy of Engineering science
  • Responsible Innovation
  • Ingenieur en samenleving
  • Ethics and engineering
  • CoSEM Research Challenges
  • Critical reflections on technology
  • Ethics for Applied Mathematics

KU Leuven (2014-2018)

  • Philosophy of Education, MA level
  • Educational Policy, MA level
  • Interpretative Methods, MA level
  • MA thesis coaching (day-to-day coach) in the international master’s programme in Educational sciences (2015-2018)