Looking for the truth online. Communities of inquiry on social media (The Ethics of Disruptive Technologies, 4TU.Ethics, Eindhoven)

Online misinformation as a designed user experience (“Technology and Society” – KU Leuven, Leuven)

Online misinformation as a problem of embodied cognition (CLMPST, Prague)


(with Maarten Simons) “I Should be Publishing Now”. The public dimension(s) of doctoral studying, ECER 2018 Bolzano

“Why aren’t you taking any notes?” On student’s note-taking as displacement of the voice, part of the Symposium “Notes on Notes”, ECER 2018 Bolzano


The Digitisation of the University Lecture. Or How to Think Critically with Digital Means Philosophy of higher education conference 2017 (Aarhus)

Articulating Thinking through Writing. A Flusserian Investigation of the Gestures of Academic Writing ECER 2017, Copenhagen


A Philosophical Archaeology of the Text in the University Lecture (2016) ECER 2016, Dublin

Beyond the institutional shell. The university as a form of life (2016) ECER 2016, Dublin


Changing Subjects of Education in the Bologna Process (2015) Council for European Studies’ Twenty-Second International Conference of Europeanists on “Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures.” Paris